Buy / Invest

A. In our stores

The most ideal and pleasant is to come into one of our stores located :  

- Brussels on the famous Avenue Louise (only 5 minutes from the Thalys and Eurostar train station and only 15 minutes from the airport)

- Luxembourg City on the famous Grand Rue only (5 minutes from the Thalys train station and only 15 minutes from the airport)

- Paris in the "golden triangle" (Champs Elysées, Avenue Georges V, Avenue Montaigne) - by appointment only

- Ibiza, in the center of Eivissa, near the Port, from April 1st to December 31st

- Knokke-Le-Zoute, on the "Kustlaan", open the week-ends and school holidays

Our professional team will be pleased to warmly welcome you.

You can pay by electronic transfer, credit card, debit card, bank card and in cash with no limit in Luxembourg, up to 3,000 € in Brussels and up 1000€ in Paris.

B. By correspondence/Online

If you cannot come into the store, you can buy online by:

  • Making an electronic transfer to our bank account,
  • Once our account has been credited, we will send you the watch (at your own risk and cost) the following business day in a traceable and insured package via the company of your choice: DHL, FEDEX, UPS or La Poste.
  • If you are in Paris or Knokke, we can personally deliver your watch to you when we make our weekly visit.

Your security: our honesty

We know how stressful it can be to send off money “into the wild”. There is no obvious answer to this question given that this fear is certainly legitimate.

We can only assure you that this is not a sting operation and that we keep all our promises… 18 years of business in this sector without the least problem is surely the best proof. Please do not hesitate to visit forums and discover all the good that our clients think of us.

Our promise

  • All of our photos are without touch-ups… as opposed to many of our competitors… no bad surprises as to the state of our watches, you get what you see.
  • If the watch does not correspond with the objectively agreed qualities, we will reimburse you upon return of the watch. If the watch is not pleasing to you for subjective reasons, you can return it and you will receive a gift certificate for the full amount.
  • A flesh and blood person who can be contacted at the store 6 days a week to answer all of your questions.
  • No sales patter or charlatan’s smooth talk, we handle a large volume of business and our objective is to serve you quickly, well and transparently, even advising you to postpone your purchase if we do not have the right watch for you (we do not want any “boomerang” deals).
  • Guaranteed parts and labour by our qualified watchmakers who work only with original parts.

With 18 years of business experience without the smallest problem, Le Collection‘Heure pioneered the sale of watches by correspondence and is the uncontested, number 1 store in the Benelux area.

In general, our goal is long-term and over the past 18 years we have built an international reputation and renown…. our ambition is to continue for many years to come.

You are more than welcome to pay us a visit at our store located in the center of Brussels (5 min from Eurostar and Thalys) where our dedicated staff will take care of you with talent and hospitality. You can pay us by bank, credit/debit card and in cash up to 15.000€. 

If you are unable to physically come to our shop, you may easily and safely proceed to a "distance buy". 

The process consists in wiring the money on our bank account and, upon reception of the funds, we will ship the watch the next business day via trackable mail with the shipping company of your choice, be it DHL, FEDEX, UPS, ZIEGLER EXPRESS or any other (buyer pays shipping costs and is responsible for transport). Due of the high risk of fraud, we refuse to work with any "escrow service".

Of course, if the watch does not present the described/required qualities, we will refund you. We have been working with a lot of customers based worldwide and have not encountered any problem so far. You can thus use this buying process with full confidence, it being understood that you have an non-virtual and easily findable co-contractor (in my shop every day !).

I must also emphasize here that we don't retouch/photoshop pictures (as opposed to many of our competitors), so what you see is really what you get !!!

I know how stressfull/weird it can be to send money "away".

There is no simple answer to that fear which is legitimate. All i can say is that  we don't play the con game and that we live up to (all) our promises. 18 years in the business keeping customers happy is probably the best answer.

Trust us, we will not disappoint you.